2DLC Database

Big update to database and MOREPEAKS

We have added about 200 more publications to the 2D-LC method database, a collaboration between the University of Amsterdam and Gustavus Adolphus College. The database now covers almost all methods from 1978 until present. Please advise us of any papers we might have missed through the special option in the menu.

We also are pleased to announce that the first prototype of Multivariate Optimization and Refinement Program for Efficient Analysis of Key Separations (MOREPEAKS) is scheduled to be shared on this website towards the end of the year. The initial version will contain data-analysis tools for 1D-LC and 2D-LC, with support for MS data, exclusion chromatography and calibration. The program will also comprise the first public prototypes of the method-optimization tools for multi-dimensional LC.